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“The virtual workplace isn’t a trend – It’s an inevitability”

Debra Dinnocenzo
National Speakers Association

Keynote Speaker: Debra A. Dinnocenzo

Virtual workplace expert on the challenges of dispersed work and the opportunities to achieve and accelerate success for remote leaders, hybrid teams, and work-from-anywhere organizations.

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Debra A. Dinnocenzo is a dynamic speaker, successful author, seasoned executive, and innovative educator with more than three decades of experience in business. She brings first-hand experience and practical solutions to the challenges of working in our rapidly expanding virtual and hybrid workplace.

Debra has lived the reality of working and leading teams from a distance, bringing her insights and expertise to powerful keynotes, seminars, workshops, webinars, and team events. If you are looking for an expert on working and living well in the digital age, Debra will deliver!

Debra can ‘be there’ with on-site presentations or via dynamic and engaging virtual delivery. Choose the presentation option that best meets your needs and know that your audience members will experience a lively learning event tailored to their needs.

Since publishing her first book on telecommuting in 1999, Debra has been a pioneer in the shift to virtual work and remote leadership. Few practitioners in the field have the depth of knowledge and hands-on experience Debra brings to her work. Her most recent book

REMOTE LEADERSHIP: Successfully Leading
Work-from-Anywhere and Hybrid Teams

offers leaders the tools to leverage the opportunities of the remote workplace to achieve superior performance results.

As a nationally recognized expert on the virtual workplace and president of VirtualWorks!, Debra is often a source for media stories on remote work issues. She has spoken widely on related topics, and developed and taught “Leadership in the Virtual Workplace,” an online graduate-level course. Debra holds B.S. and M.A. degrees in Management from Central Michigan University and is pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration from Taft University. Previously, Debra was a teleworking executive and has worked from her home office for more than two decades.

Debra’s practical, solution-focused, timely, and engaging presentations provide valuable resources for leaders and teams who must work well from a distance to achieve outstanding results. Presentations are tailored to audience needs and incorporate online survey tools for audience input in advance of events.


Virtual Works!
Remote Leadership
Remote Leadership

Remote/Hybrid Leadership

Equip leaders with skills to effectively lead from a distance by building trust,
communicating for results, managing performance, and coaching for success.

Remote/Hybrid Teams

Remote/Hybrid Teams

Ensure that remote and hybrid team members have the tools and skills needed
to communicate, collaborate, innovate, and achieve results when dispersed.

Work from Anywhere

Work from Anywhere

Provide work-from-anywhere team members with information to enable
successful telework characterized by engagement, effectiveness, and results.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Help leaders and team members develop a culture that balances organizational and personal needs to achieve results, commitment, and retention.

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Sample topics for Keynotes, Seminars, or Webinars:

  • Leading in the Virtual Workplace
  • Bridging the Distance: Virtual & Hybrid Teams on the Road to Results
  • Keys to Successful Telework
  • Making the Virtual Workplace Work Well
  • Working Too Much Can Make You Grumpy
  • Conscious Choices for a Well-Lived Life

To discuss your event/needs, schedule a presentation, or request additional information, contact us or call 724-934-9349.

Books by Debra

Remote Leadership
Remote Leader Coaching Guide
Working from a Distance
Emergency Telecommuting
Working too much can make you grumpy

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Virtual Works!

Speaking of Debra…

“On December 14th, 2007, Debra Dinnocenzo held an excellent ‘live’ videoconference for a Dutch audience of 100 participants in The  Hague, Netherlands. The audience was impressed by the content of her presentation and the discussion that followed. This videoconference really demonstrated how virtual working operates in reality, and how the long distance between the USA and Europe can easily be bridged by modern technology, saving time and costs for all involved. This is really something to repeat in the future.”

Dr. Philip Todd
Directeur EwerkForum
The Hague, Netherlands

“The scope of Debra’s abilities and experiences was fabulous. Real-life application was always the goal of learning. This is great for the modern day global work environment.”

Workshop Participant

“Debra provides content-rich presentations delivered with great skill and professionalism. She engages a group and really holds their interest. When we are looking for action-focused content with a emphasis on results, Debra is the clear choice.”

CEO, services industry


“Debra Dinnocenzo has been the best instructor I’ve had in the program, and there have been many very good ones. This was the most interesting and enlightening course in the program.”

Training Participant

“The combination of substance and conversational delivery makes Debra’s presentations both well documented and closely listened to. Our audience respected the research supporting the presentation and the humor and humanity she displayed in its presentation. She really connects with the audience.”

Executive Director Entrepreneurship

“Virtual leadership has many challenges and Debra has brought a lot of insight and thought to my global team. I highly recommend her for leaders and team members who must work virtually with people all over the world.”

Sr. VP, global financial services

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